The Fairy Tale Forests of Perthshire, Scotland


The forests of Perthshire felt as if they crawled out of a fairy tale and into my life. There is nothing more magical than walking through dense, giant trees and coming upon a stone hut built into the rocks or an old stone bridge covered in moss. While traveling in Scotland, my husband and I went on two magnificent forest walks/hikes in Perthshire that I highly recommend. We also discovered the picturesque Edradour distillery tucked into the hills of Perthshire. Exploring the forests and distillery made for a full day, yet we were back to our home base in time to enjoy a nice dinner.

Dunkeld Walk 

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While we explored Perthshire, we stayed in the quaint, sleepy town of Dunkeld. This town is made up of one long street and a cute, little town square. We stayed in a comfortable B&B right on the main street. Definitely one of the cutest towns we went through in Scotland. I had read that there is live Scottish music at the Taybank Inn regularly. Unfortunately, we were sorely disappointed; we were there for three nights over a weekend and no trad sessions took place. After our time there, we decided Dunkeld is a great place to stay for one or two nights.


Dunkeld did not disappoint when it came to lovely walks though. Walking up along the beautiful River Tay and through the forest just west of the Dunkeld Cathedral ruins provided a lovely breath of fresh air after a long day of driving. There are well-marked trails around the magnificent Cathedral ruins and signs everywhere with information about the different species of giant trees found in this forest. There are even some giant redwoods, which I was very surprised to find in Scotland.




The Hermitage

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The Hermitage has many trails to pick from; we chose the most famous loop, which is about 1.5 miles long. Immediately, this place sparked my imagination into bringing King Arthur (the BBC Merlin version) galloping over the bridge, and a dragon living in the cave tucked underneath. The Hermitage is the landscape of my favorite fairy tales brought to life. Ossian's Hall, a little chapel built in 1757, overlooks Black Linn waterfall. The Hall itself is not noteworthy because of some odd remodels, but the view from the chapel brings this waterfall close enough to feel like your feet are wet.

Around one of the bends you come to this sweet little rock hut/cave squeezed between two big rocks and covered in moss. If traveling through Perthshire, the peaceful Hermitage walk is a must! It is easy, good for all ages, has great sights, and sparks the imagination with it's fairy tale feel. 


Edradour Distillery

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Among the trees and hills above Pitlochry, hides the picturesque Edradour Distillery. Of the distileries I have visited, this is my favorite because it still upholds the many traditions of making whisky, and keeps the history of whisky making in Scotland alive, even if this means they produce less than a larger distillery. Edradour claims to be the smallest distillery in Scotland, which is because it has the smallest still of all the Scotland distilleries.  £7.50 covered a 1.5 hour tour, two tastes of different single malts (and for the single malt wimps like me a super delicious cream liquor), and an engraved whisky glass!!! I highly recommend this tour; I learned a lot about single malt whisky.(Considering I don't usually drink Scotch whisky, the fact that this tour held my attention is impressive.) Afterwards Ben and I thoroughly enjoyed sampling more whisky in the tasting bar. While writing this post I am enjoying a glass of their delicious cream liquor that I brought home, made from the Edradour single malt, local Scottish honey, and cream. Best dessert ever!

Did this post inspire your marvelous wanderings? Let me know!