I feel a magnetic pull to travel that has been a part of me my whole life. I like to see the nature and culture of a place by taking it in through sight, smell, feel, taste, and definitely sound. Those are the things that make travel so enchanting because when I'm traveling, I'm fully present... all of my senses are tingling within every detail. While planning travel can create this burning fire of excitement(for those who love planning like me)- it is the magical, spontaneous moments in a new place that make you feel most alive. 

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Cliff notes on me:
My name is Darci and I grew up in a tiny town outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico. My parents specialized in North American/ arctic archeology and to counterbalance all their time in the cold we traveled to the opposite climates(already I was set up for wanderlust being in my blood). My Dad took me snorkeling in the Caribbean ocean when I had just turned three, and from the moment I saw my very first, boring, grey fish, my parents could barely catch up with me. From then on, my travel dreams have expanded and taken me all over the world.

I can't keep up with my own travel interests, but there are several places that I have gone that keep pulling me back. Currently, Ireland and some of the northern reaches of the planet are those such places (so you may notice many posts and tips from those places). 
This blog is to share my experiences and inspire others who are drawn to travel. However, I'm not a full time traveler, I have jobs and responsibilities at home. There is another side of my personality that loves to snuggle with my dog and husband and just relax the whole weekend away. I am constantly learning how to balance a home life with the addiction to travel, but what I have learned is that you can experience the marvel of travel, thousands of miles away or in your very own city. You can have a family, a job, and not all that many vacation days and still have fabulous travel experiences! I sure hope I can encourage that inner explorer in you! 


Fun facts: 

My background and undergraduate degree are in classical singing and opera. 

In order to better my singing, I have studied Spanish, Latin, German, Italian, French, and Portuguese, yet I can barely string together a few sentences out of any of them. However, I can say the most important word... "cheers!" in all of them plus several other languages.

I love a really good tea

Along with teaching voice, I teach something called Alexander Technique, that in a few short terms is a re-educational movement therapy that has drastically improved my quality of life and travel. I highly recommend it for everyone and if you are interested, see my other website- bodytunesstudio.com for more information

I love to adventure and hike, but my hikes don't tend to go longer than 5-10 miles. 

I geek out about all of the following things: Harry Potter, Star Wars, Merlin, Avatar the last Airbender( not the movie, the show), and most of the Ghibli films!

I'm a feisty redhead, who sunburns when I think about the sun, hence why I tend(but am not limited to) traveling to cold places. 

I'm very passionate about protecting the earth, and being a traveler who is respectful of the landscape and culture that I am a guest in.